Tears, tears and more tears at the airport. Hero bashes up two sets of separate goondas before he makes it from Vidhana Soudha to the airport in 10 mins flat. Heroine meanwhile hugs her stoic-ever-confused dad and proceeds to the security check-in with her boarding pass in hand. A 4 minute song breaks in interrupting my drowsiness. Thankfully, this time there is no half clad ‘item girl’ gyrating to rocking beats. Instead, hero n heroine go down memory lane of how they met, how they smiled, how they fought etc etc etc.. At the end of 4 minutes, they have decided they are truly, madly and deeply in love. And we, the audience have decided enough is enough. Hero rushes to the nameless-airline counter at the airport only to be told the flight has already taken off. Ah, this time, it is the hero’s turn to cry, but not before he rushes madly to the gate and is literally thrown out by the security guards there. (I was surprised, half expected him to run beside the plane on the runway!). Hero comes back and sobs on the bench outside the airport. (Dont remember when was the last time the bangalore airport wasnt crowded).. Suddenly, someone shakes his shoulder, he turns back, it is the heroine!!! Apparently, she realized it was a movie with a happy ending and cancelled her flight. (When could you do that after the boarding pass was issued?).. Hero and heroine are elated, audience scream out in joy.. The movie is at last OVER..

p.s: A sincere (if not interesting) attemp at movie reviewing. In the footsteps of The Bach who according to me is a ‘Guru’  in film reviewing and who, to my dismay hasnt been blogging regularly since quite some time.


Hotel Kerala-Fonia By the Mallu Eagles

A tribute to the ORIGINAL EAGLES !

Sing to the tune …

On the road to Trivandrum
Coconut oil in my hair
Warm smell of avial
Rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance
I saw a bright pink tube-light
My tummy rumbled, I felt weak and thin
I had to stop for a bite
There he stood in the doorway
Flicked his mundu in style
And I was thinking to myself
I don’t like the look of his sinister smile
Then he lit up a petromax
Muttering “No power today”
More Mallus down the corridor
I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel Kerala-fonia
Such a lousy place,
Such a lousy place (background)
Such a sad disgrace,
Plenty of bugs at the Hotel Kerala-fonia
Any time of year
Any time of year (background)
It’s infested here
It’s infested here

His finger’s stuck up his nostril
He’s got a big, thick mustache
He makes an ugly, ugly noise
But that’s just his laugh
Buxom girls clad in pavada
Eating banana chips
Some roll their eyes, and
Some roll their hips
I said to the manager
My room’s full of mice
He said,
Don’t worry, saar, I sending you
meen karri, brandy and ice
And still those voices were crying from far away
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them pray

Save us from the Hotel Kerala-fonia
Such a lousy place,
Such a lousy place (background)
Such a sad disgrace
Trying to live at the Hotel Kerala-fonia
It is no surprise
It is no surprise (background)
That it swarms with flies

The blind man was pouring
Stale sambar on rice
And he said
We are all just actors here
In Silk Smitha-disguise
And in the dining chamber
We gathered for the feast
We stab it with our steely knives
But we just can’t cut that beef
Last thing I remember
I was writhing on the floor
That cockroach in my appam-stew was the culprit,
I am sure
Relax, said the watchman
This enema will make you well
And his friends laughed as they held me down
God’s Own Country? Oh, Hell!

Thang you …
kourtussy: prashand bachodi

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

(image flipped to match the title)

25 years ago……

A program was … a television show
An application was .. for employment

Windows were….. something u hated to clean
A cursor …. used profanity
A keyboard was …a piano
Memory was….. something u lost with age
A CD was… a bank account
   If u unzipped in public u went to jail
Compress was something u did to garbage

A hard drive was a long trip on the road

Log on was adding wood to fire

A backup happened to your toilet

A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
Cut.. u did with scissors
paste.. u did with glue
A web was a spiders home
A Monitor was some one who used to keep  watch on classmates in absence of teacher or

A Monitor was class (School’s)representative

A Desktop was desk’s top surface.

And a virus was the flu!!

   Now this is what i wanted. A perfect Linux distribution to suit everyone. I mean it. For everyone. I talked about OpenSuse in one of my previous posts. It was a breakthough Linux distribution with awesome look. The graphics rendering was just unmatchable to windows. Now im talking about another Linux distribution. Its called Ubuntu. I’m just loving it.
   It has got all the good features that Suse had. Suse could not detect my Ethernet card. I tried installing ndsiwrapper but in wain ( ndsiwrapper is a wrapper tool which uses the windows drivers already installed in your Windows operating system, puts a wrapper around it and uses as Linux drivers). I could not install Wine too. Maybe i could have but because i cudnt connect to internet through Suse i didnt experience the full power of Linux. Ubuntu is more beautiful than Suse. But it has Gnome desktop as default desktop. Some of the mindblowing features that you find in Ubuntu 7.04 is its 3-D revolution of desktops when you switch among them, the woobling windows, the effect of dragging windows from a corner. I could easily install ndsiwrapper which was already given with the installation DVD. I could enter the world of internet throuh Linux. I installed Wine. Wine is a software through which you can access almost all Windows softwares directly though Linux. For e.g., you can run MSOffice, Games, any Windows specific applications like Winamp(you dont need winamp in Linux because you already have better music players, but still …), Picasa, and what not!
   It is something like Windows Applications + Linux beauty + Linux Applications + Linux security = Awesome OS.
   And all you need to experience all these effects is just a P4 with some 256MB RAM and minimum configuration. Vista neads atleast 4 times more RAM and more powerful, high-end configuration.
   I dont need Windows anymore. bye bye Gates!! Try Ubuntu by
ordering free CDs of the latest version.
Watch this video. Click Here