December 2006

It is told in Hindu scriptures that only very few selected, bestowed, blessed people die on Vaikuntha Ekadasi which happened to be on 30th December. On this day it is told that the doors of Vaikuntha – the abode of Sri Maha Vishnu, are open and those who die get direct entry to the heaven. The co-incidence is that the so-called very notorious, blood-thirsty monster Saddam Hussein was also hanged on this day. Isn’t this a very strange co-incidence?


Height of advertisement… I heard it was to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo and get an order an ice cream maker. Here is another extreme.


And oh my my… Look at that color combination…must have fetched best website for its design.

This weekend life made me feel I am retired. No work load, No place to roam around. To add to all these weekend was extended by one day for  X’mas. So thought will open old CD boxes and watch some. The “some” went up to 12 to 15 movies in three days…, in room alone. (Pizza guy knows my address).

For my surprise, every movie I watch there is already a Bollywood movie I recall …with the same story.

Usual suspects –             Choclate ( anil kapur, suneil, emran etc. ) 

Fugitive                        Criminal ( nagarjuna )

When harry met sally –    Hum tum ( saif and rani )

Leon                             Bichchu ( bobby deol )  

The most unromantic man of the year –    Pyar ke side effects ( mallika and rahul bose )

And so on ……..

If you are interested in knowing if any Bollywood moviw is really original, go to bollycats. If don’t find your movie there, congratulations …!!!

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I guess there are a lot of people like me who dont like politics, especially in India where you dont want to waste time, or brain on such crappy things. But there are some politicians who are known to almost everyone. For Eg., Laloo!! He is very comical. There is another person whom i know these days very well, though i didnt want to. He is Arjun Singh. An intelligent idiot.
The controversial bill has been passed. The OBCs will get 27% reservations in govt-aided institutions. The equation is very finely balanced so that it wont cross the Lakshman rekha which the Supreme Court has put(50%): 27(OBC) + 15(SC) + 7.5(ST) = 49.5. Although the whole of educated circle in India is against this quota, Singh doesnt care any. Ambedkar himself had told that the quota system should not extend more than ten years from its implmentation. I know i cant do anything about this now. no … wait ….. I can do something …. as Bach saidI declare Fatwa on Arjun Singh.

What the Bill says?
-It makes 15 pc reservations for SCs, 7.5 pc for STs and 27 pc for OBCs binding on the government
-It exempts four categories of institutions: Institutions in tribal areas, research institutions, minority institutions and super-speciality courses
-Mandatory 54 pc increase in seats
-Reservation in admissions to begin 2007

Seems some marriages are made in heaven. My fiance(who is now my husband) and myself did not want to travel to heaven at such an early age, instead we got married in a marriage hall in the south of bangalore.  The wedding was attended by a lot of people, friends of the groom, bride, well-wishers, sympathizers, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, friends of relatives and so on.

I had often seen people describing their wedding day as the happiest moment in their lives and so on. I would say it was the most tiring day in my life(no offence guru!!). You are draped in a heavy kancheepuram saree, there is almost 1/2kg jasmine flowers around a “virtual plait”, another 1/4 kg jewellery which includes a variety of earrings, necklaces, bangles and anklets. Sitting cross legged on the floor in this attire for around 3 hours is no joke. (but who ever calls marriage a joke??). After the entire ordeal is over, you and your spouse are made to sit like 2 exhibits for people to come and shower their blessings/gifts/comments. The most common thing people tell you after congratulating you is to invite you for breakfast/lunch/dinner. You smile, nod your head and say “Sure”!!!

By the time the guests have had lunch and left and you have stopped smiling, your cheek muscles are paining. It is difficult to manage a frown, leave alone a smile..All you want is it go and sleep for some time, but there is the reception!!!

(Rest to be continued if there are readers.. )

     For these many days i had atleast some minimum respect for Mr.Manmohan. He has proved it that he doesnt deserve even that. I’m talking about the recent quote from him when he said “Muslims must have first claim on resources“. Now please note here, i’m not trying to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I’m trying to be secular. If Mr.Minister(prime) wants to really uplift people and looking for so-called downtrodden, i guess the BCs, STs, SCs are up the list. I really feel sorry for this bloody politics, once again. Definitely we cant see any good future with this party in ruling. If we see any progress around us, they are the minimum possible things of progress going on their own at the slowest pace because of rapid soft-industrialization(IT).
     The other parties are equally good in this caste/religion politics. What did the so called Hindutva ideological BJP do in their entire tenure with the upliftment of Kashmiri Pundits? Nothing.

First Class Honours degree in Economics, University of Cambridge, (1957)
Punjab University, Chandigarh, India
Senior Lecturer, Economics (1957-1959)
Professor of International Trade (1969-1971)
Reader (1959-1963)
Professor (1963-1965)
D. Phil in Economics, Nuffield College at Oxford University, (1962)
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi
Honorary Professor (1996)
Chief, Financing for Trade Section, UNCTAD, United Nations Secretariat, New York
1966 : Economic Affairs Officer 1966
Economic Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Trade, India (1971-1972)
Chief Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, India, (1972-1976)
Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (1976)
Director, Reserve Bank of India (1976-1980)
Director, Industrial Development Bank of India (1976-1980)
Secretary, Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs), Government of India, (1977-1980)
Governor, Reserve Bank of India (1982-1985)
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India, (1985-1987)
Advisor to Prime Minister of India on Economic Affairs (1990-1991)
Finance Minister of India, (June 21, 1991 – May 15, 1996)

     Thanks Manmohanji for giving a very good example to youth that Education doesnt necessarily maketh man.

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