Morpheus: You take the blue pill – you get free tickets to Balakrishna/Shivrajkumar’s latest movie. You take the red pill – you get free tickets to Dhoom-2. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.
Neo: The choice is more difficult this time than the previous Matrix one. But, this time i take the blue one.
     Some of you might have already seen this movie(D2). Some might have still liked this one!(God bless them). I watched it yesterday. The first fight(adventure) itself was a crap. Actually speaking the core logic of the film itself is bundle. Why should a Mumbai police officer have to worry about an international thief who has no criminal records in India? Most of the ideas(plans to rob things) used in the movie are very childish. May be the director thought of making another children’s movie like Krish, then changed his mind in the last moment to some action-comedy. Too many loopholes in the story to mention.  The only watchables of the movie are Hrithik and Bipasha. Hrithik for his dance and looks while Bipasha to relieve you from office tensions. Ash was there to fill the gap whenever Bipasha was out of focus. It is better if she burries all her Bollywood dreams at this juncture and happily marry off Abhishek. She is neither good at acting nor at what Bipasha does. In all it is a Doom.
Expecting Ghoom-2 very soon

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