January 2007

Bekal fort is remains. This place is importent because.

  • We ( coffeeclub ) went there ..!!!
  • Shot in one of the most beautiful movie “Bombay” , and the most beautiful song it “tu hi re ……..”
  • Only fort remaining of Tulu kings.


Butter so soft, that a paper knife will serve the purpose



Harry’s Bread – NICE & SOFT


           Last over of the match, a deathly silence prevailing over the sea of humanity watching. beads of sweat forming on the brow, the heart beats loud and clear, 36 runs from six balls…a feat if achieved would shame miandad’s last ball a six.. no living mortal yet to achieve this in international cricket …the bowler chugging in …you see the crowd thinning , disappointed to the bone…for we always fail… suddenly the background to fade in the oblivion…the first bounce of leather and a wild swing…catapulted to seven skies…a long stare with feet rooted to ground …waiting for the umpire to raise his finger to relieve the unbearable burden…there is a moment at the other end….he is raising his hand, albeit both his hands…IT’S A SIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          rest as they say ‘is history’ 🙂 .Wild with joy I swing my arms, one comes crashing down on the flush handle and the other skids on to the bucket nearby splashing water all over. Sounds familiar ???? (still grappling to transcend my word play ???? i was the batsman facing shoaib 🙂 )Maybe it has to do with humans hibernating in a bag surrounded with crap for about nine months; loo I guess is the way we connect to this primal truth. for all those who just believe in going through the motion..(just love this bit ‘going through the motion’ for this context 😀 ) and having a jaunt for a couple of minutes, stop right here and head to the next blog.
              Welcome to the world where all of us have been the loveable neighborhood spider man to the dreaded jack the ripper, wondering why on earth did Newton have to wait for the apple to fall for reality to dawn (that brings me to an important theory….the western commode I believe was the culprit, lack of visibility deterred this life saving realsiation of all important gravity !) .. a place where we have battled our demons and yes romanced with our loved ones .strategizing to win over the love of ever elusive to being Juan duan for every other girl in town. Ayn rand to Marx… ,Hinduism to its latest offspring called modi , ya…aids to piles !! ( when you spend hours in the loo…piles is very often not a blip on the radar of thoughts, what say ? 🙂 .. ).

         Ever wondered the fertile of thoughts (and of course the unmentionables…) to be born in the most daunting of circumstances … 🙂 .for the legions of humanity, to deny the ‘loo’ its rightful place in the pantheon of intellectual labyrinths is a crime !!. the creepy lizard on the ceiling to running water.. every single object and pure ether to produce such thoughts and someone said to crap is to is to relieve yourself !! maybe that was the most profound statement ever to be made. Maybe the marketer who coined the term ‘captive audience’ hit upon the word in the loo,we are all captive for we cannot deny the law of nature, to sit through and prevail , (so ain’t ‘captive’ just the word 🙂 ) …guess its left to us…to just ‘go through the motion’ OR….to dream …………..

PS note : for those who believe this to be a truck load of crap…well, as the crap being the premise…what else did u expect 🙂
Acknowledgement : my cozy loo, without which this article wouldn have been possible…and last but not the least…thanks to nature…which gives me an occasion to dream and still remember it fondly 🙂




Boy… I am working too much these days. So much that I lost in contact with outside world, social life. I don’t know what is happening around, specially in fashion world which keep changing so fast….



This is abhisheck bacchan, rich kid who made all stupid movies and lives in his father name. The photo was taken in premier show of his latest movie “GURU”. Aaaaaaaaaah… look at that heir band and Kyarla coconut oil on his head … Doent he look like brad pitt in some angle?

     Come March and every professional is busy listing his savings, investments and policies to escape the 1lakh Lakshman rekha drawn by IncomeTax dept. IT professionals in particular become more active during this period. I myself am very excited to submit my first IT returns, although i know that Govt babus are just robbing my money!! Neophytes like me sometimes are very confused as to where should this 1Lakh fit? Some common FAQs one come across are like, should i really show the savings? or is it OK that i just let it go and pay the extra tax. What are the best ways(rather, easy ways) to get rid of these things? What amount(premium and cover) of LIC policy should i take? Is PPF a better option? How quick can i open a DeMat account so that i invest in Mutual funds and show it in 80-c. Which all Mutual funds can i look in for? … and many more. Actually some of these are(were) on my list too.
     In my opinion one should consult a professional financer before taking a leep into such things. LICs may be a trap some times. Some of my firends were running late to show their returns, and in a hurry signed for a 50K priemium PA!!
My opinion is …. if you really want to save money or make some investments in shares etc., it can’t be done overnight. It is slow and continuous process. It needs some time to be spent on. Otherwise forget it. Just be cool, pay the excess tax.
     A cool mantra would be – Face the problem rather run away from it. Read out details from internet and get educated.