Kannada and Telugu are considered as sister languages of South India. Some words are almost same among them and many are just a small variants. The scripts of these languages almost resemble each other. When one tries to find out which one is older, no perfect evidences are found. Some say telugu and some kannada. I have tried finding out this in my own way.
   The merits i have considered here are:
1. Many languages can be derived from a parent language.
2. Child languages may derive its own script some time later to derived language and gradually drift off from its parent over a period of time.
3. So, the language with older script is older.
4. The information i got from is from genuine source.
5. The results are bound to these inputs only. Results may vary if more constraints are put.

   The scripts of telugu language of various times/ages are as given below. Observe the letter ‘ka’ in these images.

   These resemble the ‘ka’ of present kannada script. There may be few other letters like this. There is another chart which tells the lineage of telugu script. Here too the telugu is said to be derived from old kannada.

   Hence we can derive a conclusion that Kannada is older to Telugu.