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   Now this is what i wanted. A perfect Linux distribution to suit everyone. I mean it. For everyone. I talked about OpenSuse in one of my previous posts. It was a breakthough Linux distribution with awesome look. The graphics rendering was just unmatchable to windows. Now im talking about another Linux distribution. Its called Ubuntu. I’m just loving it.
   It has got all the good features that Suse had. Suse could not detect my Ethernet card. I tried installing ndsiwrapper but in wain ( ndsiwrapper is a wrapper tool which uses the windows drivers already installed in your Windows operating system, puts a wrapper around it and uses as Linux drivers). I could not install Wine too. Maybe i could have but because i cudnt connect to internet through Suse i didnt experience the full power of Linux. Ubuntu is more beautiful than Suse. But it has Gnome desktop as default desktop. Some of the mindblowing features that you find in Ubuntu 7.04 is its 3-D revolution of desktops when you switch among them, the woobling windows, the effect of dragging windows from a corner. I could easily install ndsiwrapper which was already given with the installation DVD. I could enter the world of internet throuh Linux. I installed Wine. Wine is a software through which you can access almost all Windows softwares directly though Linux. For e.g., you can run MSOffice, Games, any Windows specific applications like Winamp(you dont need winamp in Linux because you already have better music players, but still …), Picasa, and what not!
   It is something like Windows Applications + Linux beauty + Linux Applications + Linux security = Awesome OS.
   And all you need to experience all these effects is just a P4 with some 256MB RAM and minimum configuration. Vista neads atleast 4 times more RAM and more powerful, high-end configuration.
   I dont need Windows anymore. bye bye Gates!! Try Ubuntu by
ordering free CDs of the latest version.
Watch this video. Click Here

   Kannada and Telugu are considered as sister languages of South India. Some words are almost same among them and many are just a small variants. The scripts of these languages almost resemble each other. When one tries to find out which one is older, no perfect evidences are found. Some say telugu and some kannada. I have tried finding out this in my own way.
   The merits i have considered here are:
1. Many languages can be derived from a parent language.
2. Child languages may derive its own script some time later to derived language and gradually drift off from its parent over a period of time.
3. So, the language with older script is older.
4. The information i got from is from genuine source.
5. The results are bound to these inputs only. Results may vary if more constraints are put.

   The scripts of telugu language of various times/ages are as given below. Observe the letter ‘ka’ in these images.

   These resemble the ‘ka’ of present kannada script. There may be few other letters like this. There is another chart which tells the lineage of telugu script. Here too the telugu is said to be derived from old kannada.

   Hence we can derive a conclusion that Kannada is older to Telugu.

I spent my whole Sunday reading this, where a so_defined social commentary blogger, wrote his rants. The whole Indian blogosphere was missing a cricket matches, just for a discussion. That was “Is Vultruo is racist or not. (world knows his real name, why does need pen name at all?)  

All he did was to write about an OOOoooLalaaaaa – I am soooo hot contest. By his generalized observation,

One curious thing that I noticed is that there are a dis- proportionate number of chicks with Sikh sounding names: Tejinder, Rajinder, Jaspreet, Jassi and any other Sikh name you could think of. I wonder what’s the deal. But in any case, I’m thankful they are North Indian: If the site had pictures of a shit load of them Madrasi chicks (with equally unique sounding names) instead of the Punjabi ones, the contest would have been an absolute non-starter. Or maybe not. Madrasi boys would have flocked to see them, for sure. 

Big deal!! Whole north India calls south as “idly sambar “, whole
India calls north-east people “chinki”. We have racism in our blood. So why bully him? Some people started doing psychological analysis of him, some were sure he is a racist. Some appreciated his blog name to be very apt, which happened to be “psychotic ramblings of a mad man”. 

It’s a very fundamental tip to be a successful blogger “create controversy, get your readers offended”. Everything is fair in love, war and blogging. If you don’t leave him alone, he will definitely build a sea-view house in Mumbai by his AdSense revenue

In the end you can always say “political correctness  go to hell”, and he knew this..

   The general idea about Linux in India is still that it is for geeks. C’mon change the prejudice, i’m using it. Let me give a small information i think about Linux.

Why Linux?
–Because it’s free. Free Licenses. You say, “so what? we get every software in India for free :-)”. I say, “Yes, fortunately. But not sure for how long. Linux is evolving. Dont loose the pace. Get introduced to it to stay alive in the race.”
–Almost zero virus threats.
–Stable even for slower granny old systems. Yes, its true.
–No extra costs for other softwares, and hence you are proud user of a legal software.
–Easy installation and updates. I say, easier than Windows. Trust me.
–Use all in one messengers with single program. Awesome Firefox. Inbuilt download managers.
–Workspace concepts to eliminate too many windows problem. Use multiple desktops at a time. Confusing?
–Very good music, DVD and CD player softwares. I have seen same movie both in Windows and Linux using same VLC player. The difference in quality is very visible.

Why Windows?
–If you are using proprietary softwares without which you cant live.
–You are into some work where you want to share it with people who accept only windows applicaiton outputs. Say typically printing works.
–Your hardware is not yet supported.

Myths about Linux:
–Linux is NOT stable and secure: MYTH. I dont have full knowledge on this myth, but have read a lot on this. I wouldnt say that it would never crash. It might crash but very rarely, as far as i have seen.
–Linux has no GUI:MYTH. Read the entire post before even thinking of this myth.
–Graphics in Linux isn’t good:MYTH. Biggest MYTH. I would say, Windows is far behind in rendering good graphics. I dont watch Movies in Windows these days after tasting Linux Graphics. 2D, 3D animation softwares in Linux are as powerful as Maya, Photoshop and are for FREE!!I have installed one such software from here. Its called Blender.
–Linux isn’t user firendly:MYTH. But the fact is that it may be a bit, “a bit” diffrent to Windows. The change is something very similar to using Nokia and switching to Sony Ericsson.
–LINUX doesn’t support all hardwares:partially FACT. You will have to wait for some time if this happens, but it wasnt a problem for any of my hardware components.
–Multimedia softwares in Linux are poor:MYTH. There are better and easier softwares than WinAMP, iTunes, Windowd Media Player.
–Games in Linux arernt upto the mark:MYTH. Though i haven’t played much, but have read a lot on this topic too. You can have Half-Life, AOE and many more. But they might not be free. You have many inbuilt games, like minesweeper, cards, Mario etc.
–Linux doent have softwares like MS-Office:MYTH. You again have better softwares which are very similar to MS Word, PPT, Excel. Infact, you can have 3 Word softwares, 4 Powerpointers, 3 PDF readers bundled in your Linux distribution.

   Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Sony, ILM and other movie production studios from Hollywood are using Linux to produce their movies. Yes, I know that many of you will say now, “it’s not true”, “it can’t be right” or “I heard they use Mac OS X software”, but it is true and Linux is used to render those CGI Blockbusters you probably saw on theaters, faster than any other operating system. The movie Scooby Doo, for example, was created at the Rhythm and Hues studio and the whole movie was rendered and touched up with the help of custom made software which ran on Linux systems. 
   Other blockbuster movies like The Matrix, Titanic, Gladiator, Superman Returns, What Dreams May Come, Cats and Dogs, Shrek, The Perfect Storm, Chicken Run, Deep Blue Sea, Star Trek: Insurrection, Fantasia 2000, Men in Black, Hollow Man and many many more, were created with Linux software such as RAYZ, Maya or Shake. Now, don’t think all the software used in movie production is free, because most of the applications cost somewhere between $8,000 and $15,000 or even more, but hey, it’s Hollywood!

Have a look at my new desktop: Snapshot1 | Snapshot2

     Come March and every professional is busy listing his savings, investments and policies to escape the 1lakh Lakshman rekha drawn by IncomeTax dept. IT professionals in particular become more active during this period. I myself am very excited to submit my first IT returns, although i know that Govt babus are just robbing my money!! Neophytes like me sometimes are very confused as to where should this 1Lakh fit? Some common FAQs one come across are like, should i really show the savings? or is it OK that i just let it go and pay the extra tax. What are the best ways(rather, easy ways) to get rid of these things? What amount(premium and cover) of LIC policy should i take? Is PPF a better option? How quick can i open a DeMat account so that i invest in Mutual funds and show it in 80-c. Which all Mutual funds can i look in for? … and many more. Actually some of these are(were) on my list too.
     In my opinion one should consult a professional financer before taking a leep into such things. LICs may be a trap some times. Some of my firends were running late to show their returns, and in a hurry signed for a 50K priemium PA!!
My opinion is …. if you really want to save money or make some investments in shares etc., it can’t be done overnight. It is slow and continuous process. It needs some time to be spent on. Otherwise forget it. Just be cool, pay the excess tax.
     A cool mantra would be – Face the problem rather run away from it. Read out details from internet and get educated.

I guess there are a lot of people like me who dont like politics, especially in India where you dont want to waste time, or brain on such crappy things. But there are some politicians who are known to almost everyone. For Eg., Laloo!! He is very comical. There is another person whom i know these days very well, though i didnt want to. He is Arjun Singh. An intelligent idiot.
The controversial bill has been passed. The OBCs will get 27% reservations in govt-aided institutions. The equation is very finely balanced so that it wont cross the Lakshman rekha which the Supreme Court has put(50%): 27(OBC) + 15(SC) + 7.5(ST) = 49.5. Although the whole of educated circle in India is against this quota, Singh doesnt care any. Ambedkar himself had told that the quota system should not extend more than ten years from its implmentation. I know i cant do anything about this now. no … wait ….. I can do something …. as Bach saidI declare Fatwa on Arjun Singh.

What the Bill says?
-It makes 15 pc reservations for SCs, 7.5 pc for STs and 27 pc for OBCs binding on the government
-It exempts four categories of institutions: Institutions in tribal areas, research institutions, minority institutions and super-speciality courses
-Mandatory 54 pc increase in seats
-Reservation in admissions to begin 2007

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