Now this is what i wanted. A perfect Linux distribution to suit everyone. I mean it. For everyone. I talked about OpenSuse in one of my previous posts. It was a breakthough Linux distribution with awesome look. The graphics rendering was just unmatchable to windows. Now im talking about another Linux distribution. Its called Ubuntu. I’m just loving it.
   It has got all the good features that Suse had. Suse could not detect my Ethernet card. I tried installing ndsiwrapper but in wain ( ndsiwrapper is a wrapper tool which uses the windows drivers already installed in your Windows operating system, puts a wrapper around it and uses as Linux drivers). I could not install Wine too. Maybe i could have but because i cudnt connect to internet through Suse i didnt experience the full power of Linux. Ubuntu is more beautiful than Suse. But it has Gnome desktop as default desktop. Some of the mindblowing features that you find in Ubuntu 7.04 is its 3-D revolution of desktops when you switch among them, the woobling windows, the effect of dragging windows from a corner. I could easily install ndsiwrapper which was already given with the installation DVD. I could enter the world of internet throuh Linux. I installed Wine. Wine is a software through which you can access almost all Windows softwares directly though Linux. For e.g., you can run MSOffice, Games, any Windows specific applications like Winamp(you dont need winamp in Linux because you already have better music players, but still …), Picasa, and what not!
   It is something like Windows Applications + Linux beauty + Linux Applications + Linux security = Awesome OS.
   And all you need to experience all these effects is just a P4 with some 256MB RAM and minimum configuration. Vista neads atleast 4 times more RAM and more powerful, high-end configuration.
   I dont need Windows anymore. bye bye Gates!! Try Ubuntu by
ordering free CDs of the latest version.
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This weekend life made me feel I am retired. No work load, No place to roam around. To add to all these weekend was extended by one day for  X’mas. So thought will open old CD boxes and watch some. The “some” went up to 12 to 15 movies in three days…, in room alone. (Pizza guy knows my address).

For my surprise, every movie I watch there is already a Bollywood movie I recall …with the same story.

Usual suspects –             Choclate ( anil kapur, suneil, emran etc. ) 

Fugitive                        Criminal ( nagarjuna )

When harry met sally –    Hum tum ( saif and rani )

Leon                             Bichchu ( bobby deol )  

The most unromantic man of the year –    Pyar ke side effects ( mallika and rahul bose )

And so on ……..

If you are interested in knowing if any Bollywood moviw is really original, go to bollycats. If don’t find your movie there, congratulations …!!!

Morpheus: You take the blue pill – you get free tickets to Balakrishna/Shivrajkumar’s latest movie. You take the red pill – you get free tickets to Dhoom-2. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.
Neo: The choice is more difficult this time than the previous Matrix one. But, this time i take the blue one.
     Some of you might have already seen this movie(D2). Some might have still liked this one!(God bless them). I watched it yesterday. The first fight(adventure) itself was a crap. Actually speaking the core logic of the film itself is bundle. Why should a Mumbai police officer have to worry about an international thief who has no criminal records in India? Most of the ideas(plans to rob things) used in the movie are very childish. May be the director thought of making another children’s movie like Krish, then changed his mind in the last moment to some action-comedy. Too many loopholes in the story to mention.  The only watchables of the movie are Hrithik and Bipasha. Hrithik for his dance and looks while Bipasha to relieve you from office tensions. Ash was there to fill the gap whenever Bipasha was out of focus. It is better if she burries all her Bollywood dreams at this juncture and happily marry off Abhishek. She is neither good at acting nor at what Bipasha does. In all it is a Doom.
Expecting Ghoom-2 very soon

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