Bekal fort is remains. This place is importent because.

  • We ( coffeeclub ) went there ..!!!
  • Shot in one of the most beautiful movie “Bombay” , and the most beautiful song it “tu hi re ……..”
  • Only fort remaining of Tulu kings.


At last the trip came true. It was a wonderful experience throughtout the trip. Venu organized the trip very well. To tell a summary about the trip, it was a 5 day trip, Nov 18th thru 22nd.
The plan of the trip was:
18th Morning (Saturday) – Amritsar
18th Night – Stay at Chandigarh (Venu’s house)
19th Morning (Sunday) – Shimla
19th Evening – Shimla to Manali
20th Morning (Monday ) – Manali & Stay there for one Day
21st Morning (Tuesday) – Leave to Chandigarh from Manali (A Beautiful Day Journey) 21st Night – Leave to Agra from Chandigarh
22nd Morning (Wednesday) – Agra
22nd Afternoon @ around 1:00 PM – From Agra To Delhi
And catch flights to respective places.

The details of the distance:
From                     To                 Distance (KMs)
Chandigarh         New Delhi            238
Chandigarh         Amritsar               217
Chandigarh         Shimla                  260
Shimla                Manali                  170
Manali                Chandigarh           320
Agra                   New Delhi            203

Chandigarh – Amritsar – Chandigarh – Shimla – Manali – Chandigarh – Agra – Delhi


Arun Mune Gowda, Kaushik, Preetham R, Remus, Venu, Vijay, Uday.

PS: if you have any plans of going to Chandigarh and plan for a cab, I would definetly suggest you to ask for the driver we booked for. He is Mr. Sukhdev. He is very humble, friendly and can get good cab for a very reasonable price. Contact no: 0981536936, 09814601574.

     Got bored of staying alone in Hyderabad to core. Want a break. Want a real big break. How about some Himalayan adventure or a visit to Taj Mahal? i guess it should do for time being, as i dont have much time to spare for a world tour or a space trip venture.
     Now dont think i’m kidding or my head-screw got loose….although everything said above may not be true, but part of it is. Yes, i am going to Kulu-Manali. If possible also to the Taj. I have planned to join Venu on 18th of Nov along with Uday and Gowda. It would be a 5 days trip. The whole trip may cost around 10K+, but i think the experience of snow, greenary and grandeur of the Himalayas is worth much more than that. The only reason of worry now is my leave approval. I have booked my tickets to and from Delhi. Just waiting for positive reply from my manager keeping my fingers crossed.